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Alrighty, we're back with a May Mystery Celebrity contest after some technical difficulties in April. Tell us who this actress is.

Who Am I?

If you know, you've got a chance to win one of two (2) $25 Amazon.com gift certificates that you can use at our Amazon shop or any other Amazon.com affiliated store.

As usual, here's how it works. All correct answers that are submitted to us between May 5th and May 31st will be printed, and placed in a bin. The first week of June, we'll draw TWO winners at random and notify them by e-mail. We'll then confirm a few things by phone (if needed). Since this contest is for a gift certificate, the prize will be delivered instantly by e-mail.

Only one entry per-day is allowed. Loading the contest by entering 500 times a day with 500 different e-mail addresses could just get you banned. Your IP address and browser type are recorded with each entry.

Your Name:  (required)

Your E-Mail: (required)
Please enter a valid e-mail address. How else will we contact you to know if you won?. We never sell or rent e-mail addresses to spammers, because they suck.

Where Are You From? (required)

Example: New York, NY, or Manila, Philippines. No need to give us your home address or any other crazy personal info.

How Did You Find Mystery Celebrity? (required)

Telling us where you heard of this contest really helps with our promotional work. More exposure = more great software and contests for everyone to enjoy.

Who Do You Think It Is?

Enter your guess here. It has to be a full celebrity name to be valid, otherwise your entry will be trashed. "That girl from that show....." also doesn't cut it, sorry.

Alright, by entering our little contest, you must read and agree to the rules and legal mumbo jumbo. Don't worry, it's not too annoying.

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