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January 2008 - Quite a few new features and functions have been added in the last few weeks.

We're now including a brief biography of celebrities and musicians listed here. You can find them on the main pages. Also, check out the new Videos section and related links on each page - courtesy of YouTube. See Jessica Alba for an example of both new features.

Some really annoying ads have been removed and will hopefully never shop up here again. We're talking about the ones that talk to you and tell you that you've won a free ipod or whatever. Ugh.

Quote a few dead links have been removed. Thanks for the reports on those. We're going to focus more on on-site submissions to cut down on dead links. If you've created a wallpaper image, feel free to upload it and share it with other visitors in our Wallpaper gallery!

September 2007 - Check out our new blog! Smack! - Hollywood news, cool videos, contests and more. Injected daily. This month marks our 9th year online! Hard to believe how quickly time passes sometimes. New listings have slowed down a bit this year due to sites disappearing. However, new wallpapers continue to be uploaded.

Just about all sections now have a handy little button. Use that tool to bookmark your favorite celebrities to your favorite bookmarking site. If you'd like to save the main site, use the button on the main page.

November 10th 2006 - Comments have been disabled from the on-site celebrity wallpaper collection for the time being. It was being heavily abused by spammers that were using it to post their scam and porn URLs.

November 5th 2006 - The November Mystery Celebrity contest is up and running. Guess who it is and you could win an amazon.com gift certificate.

November 1st 2006 - November is American Diabetes Awareness Month! Please take the time to learn about the disease and check out our list of famous faces that have dealt with it.

October 24th 2006 - Had some technical problems with our contact forms this month. They became a little screwy as we put in methods to fight those annoying spammers. If you got an error while trying to contact us, or submit a link, please do so again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

September 20th 2006 - A new image uploader is now available. We noticed a lot of you were uploading personal images to the old one, which did not display images after being uploaded. The original intent was for graphic artists to upload their wallpaper creations, which we would then check out and add to our on-site wallpaper collection.

This new image uploader now serves two purposes! Wallpaper creators, continue submitting. We'll copy them over to the wallpaper collection. For those of you who just wanted a place to upload some images to share with friends, well now you've got it! There are some advanced functions like the ability to password protect your uploads and report any offensive images in the public gallery. Nonetheless, check it out. Let us know what you think!

January 31st 2006 - The news feed section has gotten a re-make. Check it out if you like celebrity gossip and stuff.

January 8th 2006 - It's time for the annual clean-up of listings on the site, which should be complete by the end of the week. A change to the listings is also coming this week. You'll begin to see a lot of listings tagged with the following:


A "Trusted Site" is a site is just that. A link we personally feel is of good quality and principles. When you click on one of these, you can be certain you're going to find exactly what it says. More info here.


A yellow tag shows gives a quick visual notice that the file might contain some additional software, usually "adware" or "spyware", and you should use caution when installing (or avoid it altogether). Sadly over the years a lot of free stuff now comes "bundled" with additional stuff. We try to avoid listing these now, however we have a lot of listings from a file storage service that began bundling stuff in the files, and it caused the need for this tag.

January 5th 2005 - Got some time to kill? We've resurrected our old Celebrity Warp game with better pictures and more celebs. More games coming soon.

December 28th 2005 - Our mobile site has gotten a makeover and lots of new content. If you like putting ringtones, logos, wallpapers, videos on your cellphone, check it out.

LinksJanuary 2nd 2006 - Happy New Year! There are lot of new features and functions coming to Celebrity Desktop this year, stay tuned :) Speaking of new functions, you can now see an alphabetical list of plain text links under the pulldown menu in each section. Handy if you just like to click on multiple links at once or hate pulldown menus.

We're also trying out Google as the main internal search engine on the site. They've apparently have 9000+ of our pages in their index, so hopefully it'll be easier to find stuff as the site grows with all the new features (on-site wallpapers, ringtones, shop, etc). We'll see. If you like the old search engine, it's still available at the Search link at the bottom of every page, but it will only display results for all the sections we have on the site and not the new sub-sections like wallpapers. Have a great 2006!

December 28th 2005 - Our mobile site has gotten a makeover and lots of new content. If you like putting ringtones, logos, wallpapers, videos on your cellphone, check it out!

December 23rd 2005 - We're constantly at official movie and TV sites looking to get info and promotional downloads for upcoming films, shows, etc. If you've been to these sites you notice that the movie studios run a lot of contests. We've started to collect those links and put them up on our new sweepstakes blog. It's just direct links to all the contest entry forms, so get in there and try to win everything from DVDs to shopping sprees to luxurious trips! Let us know if you win. Seriously.

If you're a movie studio running a cool promotion, or just someone who has seen a cool contest that isn't listed, tell us about it!

December 19th 2005 - Just in time for the holidays, check out our new online shop! In association with Amazon.com, it focuses mainly on great low cost DVD titles.

November 21st 2005 - New feature on all listings pages. All celebrities, movies, models, tv shows, etc now have a Yahoo Wallpaper Search link.


Need more wallpapers? Not really impressed with what you see in the listings? Get a dreaded dead link? Now with one click you can scan Yahoo's image search for wallpaper-sized images and see if there is anything else out on the internet for that particular person/movie/tv show.

Speaking of wallpapers, our local wallpaper collection has gotten a makeover. Expect this section to become massive in the coming months, as we build our collection of high quality (1024x768 and 1280x1024) wallpaper images.

We are aware of dead links in the directory which are in the process of being removed. It's the nature of the net with sites that are here today gone tomorrow. In response to this we are now hosting more wallpapers right here on the site so a) they load faster for you and b) the links will never go dead! Coming soon, an upload function for those of you who would like to contribute to the madness.

mpushOctober 31st 2005 - Under each picture on the site now, there is a little link titled Send Image to Mobile Phone. If you like a celeb image, put it on your cellphone! A little popup will appear with the steps to select your cellphone model, and stuff. Follow the prompts and the image will get beamed to your phone in minutes. This service is brought to you by a popular company called mPush.

October 25th 2005 - The Celebrity Postcard site has been totally re-done from top to bottom. Go there and send free celebrity greeting cards, traditional (non-celeb) greeting cards or upload your own pictures! Register for an account and get access to all sorts of neat features like reminder services, a full functioning calendar and lots more. Look out Yahoo Greetings. Have we mentioned that it's all free? More images and features coming soon.

A page about Spyware protection is available in the Help Center. A must-read for anyone who downloads any software on the internet. Also, the Desktop Theme, and Virus Protection pages were updated.
Need help with something? Try our help center for tutorials on how to install the stuff you download off here! There are also tutorials on how to create your own goodies!
Got a question? Check out our FAQ section.

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