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Want to link to us? Here are some linking options you can use!

<a href="/" target="_top">Celebrity Desktop</a>

The code above will appear like this on your page...
Celebrity Desktop

We also allow direct linking to celebrity pages. For example, if you've got a Britney Spears web site, feel free to link directly to the Britney Spears section in the directory.

We've got a selection of banners and buttons you can use. Be sure to save the image you'd like to use to your computer and upload it to your web server. Due to increased bandwidth costs, we have disabled images being pulled off our server. So simply copying the image location and pasting that on your page will just show a broken image.

If you need any help with linking or graphics, feel free to ask us. We'll be happy to help you!

By the way, Celebrity related websites can also be included in our Friends directory. Submit your link there and get your code!


Celebrity Desktop - www.celebritydesktop.com



If you'd like to link to our sub-sites, use the codes below:

Wallpaper Library
<a href="/" target="_top">Celebrity Desktop Wallpapers </a>

Contests & Sweepstakes
<a href="http://contests.celebritydesktop.com/" target="_top">Movie Contests & Sweepstakes </a>

Celebrity Funny Face Warps
<a href="http://games.celebritydesktop.com/warp/" target="_top">Celebrity Funny Face Warper </a>

Do you have a large database driven site? We also have all our links available in an Excel XLS formatted file. Modify the data and plug it into your site any way you wish.

Celebrity Desktop Excel Data (broken up by section) (zip file - 110kb)


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